Ride Micro

Get the app

Search "High Valley Transit" in the Apple Store or Google Play to download . If you don't have a smartphone, call (435) 246-1538 and we'll help you book a ride. Want to know where Micro operates? Click here.

Let us build your route

Once you book a ride, we will match you with nearby passengers and vehicles to create quick and efficient trips. Then, you will receive an ETA and be able to track your vehicle in the app.

Head to your "virtual bus stop"

The app will direct you to a "virtual bus stop", usually a nearby corner. We offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles and door-to-door service for those with limited mobility.

Enjoy your ride

Enjoy your ride in our custom-branded minivans, equipped with racks for your skis, snowboard or bike, plus luggage space (1 bike & 1 piece of luggage per passenger).

A screenshot of the HVT app homescreen