102 Gateway / Kamas Valley Commuter - to Old Town Transit Center

The 102 Gateway / Kamas Valley Commuter operates between Francis City Clerk and Old Town Transit Center, from 5:30am to 9am and 3:30pm to 7pm. This direction goes from Francis City Offices to Old Town Transit Center.

Blackrock service to begin on 12/1/22.

Francis City Offices6:137:208:1516:2017:2018:15
Kamas Park & Ride6:177:248:1916:2517:2518:20
Deer Mountain6:337:408:3516:4017:4018:35
W Peace Tree Trail & Browns Canyon Rd (Black Rock)6:377:448:3916:4417:4418:39
Park City Medical Center6:417:488:4316:4817:4818:43
Park Ave Condos6:497:568:5116:5617:5618:51
Old Town Transit Center6:588:059:0017:0518:0519:00