102 Gateway / Kamas Valley Commuter - Inbound Timetable

The 102 Gateway / Kamas Valley Commuter operates between Francis and Old Town Transit Center, from 5:30am to 9am and 3:30pm to 7pm. The Inbound direction goes from Francis Town Clerk to Old Town Transit Center. For a downloadable (PDF) timetable, please click here.

Stop NameStop Code123456
Francis Town Clerk1020106:1307:2008:1516:2017:2018:15
Kamas Park And Ride111106:1707:2408:1916:2417:2418:19
Deer Mountain111006:3307:4008:3516:4017:4018:35
Park City Medical Center on Round Valley506:4107:4808:4316:4817:4818:43
Park City IHC Clinic on Round Valley606:4107:4808:4316:4817:4818:43
Peoples Clinic & Summit County Health706:4207:4908:4416:4917:4918:44
The Learning Center on Kearns ^Shelter1506006:4607:5308:4816:5317:5318:48
Park City High School on Kearns ^Shelter1507006:4607:5308:4816:5317:5318:48
Parkside Apts on Kearns Blvd ^Shelter1508006:4607:5308:4816:5317:5318:48
Park City Cemetery on Kearns Blvd1004006:4707:5408:4916:5417:5418:49
Zions Bank & Kearns Blvd & Snowcreek Dr1005006:4807:5508:5016:5517:5518:50
Park Ave Condos170506:4907:5608:5116:5617:5618:51
Old Town Transit Center55806:5808:0509:0017:0518:0519:00
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